Oz Pizza Fundraisers

Spirit Night Fundraisers

Looking for ways to raise CASH for your organization? Oz Pizza® has the solution! Our fundraiser nights gives 15% of your organization's sales back to you.

Spirit Night Guidelines & Information

Please be sure you have read and understand the Fundraiser Guidelines and Information

Policies and Rules

  1. Approved organization will receive 15% of their organization's total sales.(NOT GRAND TOTAL OF RESTAURANT SALES)
  2. Dine in only
  3. Organizations must have at least 20 guest receipts to receive the 15%.
  4. Fundraisers events are held on Mondays and Tuesdays only- from 5:00 p.m until closing.
  5. A 2-week advance notice must be given for a Fundraiser night.
  6. Oz Pizza® asks that every guest please provide some sort of literature with his or her organizations name on it for our records. (Tax forms, newsletter, articles, etc…)
  7. Organizations may be but not limited to - Schools, Church, Non-profit, local Government.
  8. You and/or your guests may not solicit donations from other Oz Pizza guests, as well you may not approach Oz Pizza guests asking them to claim affiliation with your event.

More On Your Spirit Night

  1. Your Guests must notify the cashier which party that they are associated with in order for your organization to receive 15% of their purchases.
  2. Fundraiser Hosts- please check in with the cashier upon arrival the night of your event.
  3. A check will be mailed to the Organization's address within 5 to 7 business days after the event.
    • NO checks will be issued the night of the Fundraiser event.
    • Please complete the form below to have someone from the Oz Pizza ® team contact you about your fundraiser event.
    • Please give us at least a 2-week advance notice for a Fundraiser night.

For More Information

Use the form below to have someone from Oz Pizza® management contact you about your fundraiser event. Please be sure all information provided is correct and give us at least a 2-week advance notice for a Fundraiser Night.

Your Name
Address where check will be mailed:  
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Address 2
Location for Event
Organization Website
Type of Organization
Name of Event or Group
Date of Event (only Mondays and Tuesdays are available for events)
Number of Guests (must have at least 20 guests)
Enter this word into the field below:
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Guidlines & Information above.

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